Spice Up Your Friday Fish and Chips with Emelia's

Spice Up Your Friday Fish and Chips with Emelia's

It's Friday night, and what better way to celebrate the end of the week than with a delicious serving of fish and chips? But we're not talking about your average fish and chips. With Emelia's gourmet sauces and relishes, you can transform this classic meal into a mouthwatering experience.

The Classic Combo: Grab your favourite fish and chips recipe and get ready to elevate it. Whether you're a cod lover or prefer haddock, the real magic comes from Emelia's condiments.

Emelia's Tartare Sauce: Kick things off with Emelia's Tartare Sauce. Its creamy, tangy flavor perfectly complements the crispy fish, adding that extra zing that takes your meal from good to great.D3ED0E23-BED5-49FD-A3CC-CACC54483913

Pickled Onions: Want to add a crunchy, tangy side? Emelia's Old Fashioned Pickled Onions are the answer. These award-winning pickles bring a delightful contrast to your meal, making each bite a burst of flavour.


Tomato Relish: For a touch of sweetness, Emelia's Tomato Relish is a must-try. Its rich, robust flavor pairs wonderfully with both fish and chips, adding a new dimension to the dish.

Curried Onion Relish: Feeling adventurous? Emelia's Curried Onion Relish brings exotic flavors to the table. The blend of caramelized onions and curry spices will give your fish and chips a unique, spicy twist.


This Friday night, don't settle for ordinary. With Emelia's gourmet sauces and relishes, you can make your fish and chips truly unforgettable. Whether you're enjoying a cozy night in or hosting friends, these flavors are sure to impress

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