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Emelia's The Saucy Australian


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Emelia’s whole egg mayonnaise is light, creamy with a bit of zest.
Totally natural and made with pasteurised eggs this is truely the best mayonnaise ever made.
Long Description

Crafted with the utmost care, Emelia's Mayonnaise stands as a testament to the art of condiment-making. Each jar is filled with a deliciously creamy, smooth concoction, that owes its mouth-watering flavor to the simplest of ingredients, prepared to perfection. The base is a rich blend of fresh eggs, giving the mayonnaise its characteristic thick and creamy texture. Dijon mustard adds a sophisticated touch of spice, while the white wine vinegar injects a tangy note, enhancing the flavor depth. A subtle hint of sweetness from the sugar perfectly balances the salt, ensuring a harmonious taste that elevates any dish. Use Emelia's Mayonnaise to bind your salad ingredients, add creaminess to your sandwich, or simply dip your fries for an indulgent treat. It's a classic done right!


Eggs, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt, sugar, spices.

Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 15ml
Per Serve Per 100ml
Energy 104kJ 687kJ
Protein <1g <1g
Fat - total <1g <1g
Fat - saturated <1g <1g
Carbohydrates - total 6.1g 40.4g
Carbohydrates - sugar 6.1g 40.4g
Sodium 64mg 426mg
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