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Emelia's The Saucy Australian

Crushed Pickled Chilli & Garlic

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Emelia’s has taken the hassle out of peeling garlic and chopping chilli.
Add to all aspects of cooking or simply spread over fresh bread.
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Step into the world of tantalising flavour with Emelia's Fresh Crushed Pickled Chilli & Garlic. We've carefully crafted this powerful duo of fresh garlic and chilli, expertly pickled to create a harmonious blend of piquant flavours and vibrant heat.

Freshly crushed for maximum impact, the boldness of garlic and the fiery character of chilli are preserved in their most natural form. This marriage of flavours is gently tamed with the use of vinegar, providing a tangy edge, and a sprinkle of sugar, imparting a hint of sweetness that helps balance the overall profile.

Enhanced with the richness of olive oil and the depth of carefully selected spices, our Fresh Crushed Pickled Chilli & Garlic delivers a symphony of flavour and heat. It's more than a condiment – it's a dynamic flavour enhancer that can transform your meals into gastronomic experiences.

Whether you're looking to add a kick to your sauces, dips, marinades, or just seeking to elevate your regular dishes, our Fresh Crushed Pickled Chilli & Garlic is your secret ingredient.


Fresh Garlic, spices, sugar, vinegar, olive oil, chilli.

Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 15ml
Per Serve Per 100ml
Energy 104kJ 687kJ
Protein <1g <1g
Fat - total <1g <1g
Fat - saturated <1g <1g
Carbohydrates - total 6.1g 40.4g
Carbohydrates - sugar 6.1g 40.4g
Sodium 64mg 426mg
    Fresh Pickled Garlic &amp; Chilli (1)
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