Australian Food Awards 2016 - Winners

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Guess who had success with the 2016 Australian Food Awards!!

Straight from our Kyneton, VIC Kitchen:

    Chicken & Mushroom Pie
    Lamb & Rosemary Pie 
    Fresh Crushed Garlic
    Cream of Horseradish
    Crustacean Dressing

So happy to share our news!!

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Ready Made Take Home Meals

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At our Kyneton food store outlet we now have a huge selection of beautifully prepared take home meals: All totally naturally with no additives, colours or preservatives, ready for you just to heat & eat! Ranging from healthy, hearty soups, to moreish Lamb and or Beef or Chicken casseroles, all with the finest selection of seasonal garden vegetables. There's tasty lasagnes, both Beef & or Vegetarian, also old fashioned favourites like Shepherds Pie. National Award winning pies, chicken with mushrooms, steak and vegetable even tasty pork pies. Beautiful pasties with loads of veges, both beef & or vegetarian & taste so unique! We must mention our array of speciality dishes, such as Rabbit or veal Scallopine, Cabbage Rolls that are so yummy, and of course the finest of Terrines & pates, all deliciuosly fresh & flavoursome.

We at emelias are proud to be one of very few sauce manufacturers world wide, that can boast that all their products are Totally Natural ( meaning, there are No Numbers to worry about whether it will make you sick or chronically ill, No Colours to hype you or your family up, No Flavourings, but the natural taste of pure ingredients, vegetables, fruits & Spices ) and also containing No Gluten or Dairy, made to recipes that have been handed down through the generations, well before these horrible additives where added to our foods in the last 50 years. These products are made by a grandmother whose grandchildren are learning what the true flavours of clean, green & Totally Natural foods should taste like.

This is where it begins, teaching the next generation the age old art of natural cooking.

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Recipe Of The Month

Mint & Coriander lamb back straps. Delicious tasting flavours to enhance your palate with spring lamb, served with the fresh garden vegetables & aromatic herb.

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